Way of the Gull

By a’Nish

  1. Super 16
  2. Anabelle’s
  3. Bit
  4. Trip To Pakistan
    The Old Hag Of Galway
  5. The Seagulls Of Kristiansund
  6. Raad Ny Foillan
  7. Bombay Dog
  8. Out Of The Orient
    Jenny’s Jam
    Home Again
  9. Dusty Windowsills

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Re: Way of the Gull

Just found this super nice album. Quite original, a bit of good tunes, a bit of new compositions, a bit of lilting/didling and a bewitching song. Links bellow :

"Nish As Rish are a creative five-piece that bring joy and verve to performing, writing and arranging folk music. They are known for bold and sensitive arrangements and infectious stage chemistry. They are fearless, joyous and original."

Anna Goldbeck-Wood - fiddle, voice
Ruth Keggin - voice, flute, whistles
Karl Kramer - bodhran, mandolin, voice
Vanessa McWilliam - double bass
Dave Pearce - guitar, voice

Bandcamp : https://anishmusic.bandcamp.com/
Youtube :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcVlUMzc670&list=OLAK5uy_l08pi6bv_eIH22Gf4EDDi5cAc1ulNWiFs&index=5

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/anishmusic/