Higher Notes & Anecdotes

By Poor Man’s Gambit

  1. Gan Ainm
    Banish Misfortune
    The Seanamhac Tube Station
  2. Lonesome Robin
  3. Wild Mountain Thyme
  4. The False Knight
  5. Dear Molly
  6. Gan Ainm (Reel)
    Gan Ainm (Reel)
    Gan Ainm (Reel)
  7. Another New World
  8. Beatríce
    Gan Ainm (Reel)
    Gan Ainm (Reel)
  9. Mormond Braes

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Poor Man’s Gambit - Higher Notes & Anecdotes

2015 album.

Their website:

On the album:
- Corey Purcell (button accordion/cittern/vocals/bodhran)
- Genevieve Gillespie (fiddle/vocals/and dance)
- Kevin McComb (guitar/vocals/tenor banjo)

Available on Poor Man’s Gambit’s website, and, Corey Purcell’s website:

And available on CDBaby and iTunes: