Take a Look Around

By One for the Foxes

  1. Lost Pints & Shiny Shoes
  2. When We Became None
  3. Bat In The Cap
  4. Velvet Strand
  5. Toby’s Fancy
  6. Ghosts And Dreams
  7. We Wander Through
  8. The Forgotten Tune
  9. Pretty Fair Maid In The Garden
  10. When We Became None

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Re: Take a Look Around

One for the Foxes, a dynamic new transatlantic trio, features Ireland’s Tadhg Ó Meachair (piano, accordion) and Dave Curley (vocals, guitar), alongside Colorado, USA’s Joanna Hyde (vocals, fiddle). Merging varied backgrounds in Irish and American folk musics, this band’s highly personalized sound emerges in a manner both eclectic and grounded