Part II Fire In Our Hearts

By Na Connerys

  1. An D’Tiocfaid Tu Abaile Liom
    The Lark In The Morning
  2. Toss The Feathers
    Toss The Feathers
    The Glass Of Beer
  3. The Liverpool
  4. Road To Rio
    The Shaskeen
    The Fermoy Lasses
  5. Port Na bPúcaí
  6. Bobby Casey’s
    Within A Mile Of Dublin
  7. The Kid On The Mountain
    Hardiman The Fiddler
    The Hag At The Churn
  8. The Hag With The Money
    Na Ceannabain Bana
    Paidin O’Rafferty
  9. The Chicago
    Poll An Madra Uisce
    The Old Schoolmaster’s Door
  10. Carrickfergus
  11. The Stack Of Barley
    The Little Stack Of Wheat
  12. Tomeen O’Dea’s
    Paddy Gone To France
    The Silver Spear

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Pardon me…

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get this recording. I only have part one, and I’ve been looking high and low, left and right, in sickness and in health, for the second part. If you could let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many Irish people emigrated to Australia in the firat half of the last century. Many of those were convicts transported there for crimes from petty theft to rustling. The area chosen had been explored by Captain James Cook and colonised by him for England (1771). It was named New South Wales. The was the area chosen as a penal settlement for Irish Prisoners.
The Connerys ( Na Conairi) lived in County Waterford. Tradition has it that their landlord, Holmes, tried to evict them, and their widowed mother, from their farm for non payment of rent, in spite of the fact that they had already paid up. They were arrested and with false evidence given a sentence of seven years inj New South Wales. They never returned to their mother land but settled down as farmers and hunters in the neighbourhood of Sydney.
They had left a land where famine and disease caused widespread hardship. Traffic to New South Wales ended in 1840 and the heaviest transportation of Irish convicts took place in the previous 20 years. A potato failure in 1822, famine in 1831 and cholera in the following years, particularly in Munster caused great deprivation.
Those arrested were not criminals- theirs was a fight of survival. Descendants of those emigrants who made their home in the Southern continent are proud of their ancestors and their sad story of banishment to New South Wales.
(taken from album notes)

What’s the name of that reel?

The reel recorded by Na Connerys in the album “Fire in Our Hearts” , second Track, after Toss the Feather and before The Glss of Beer.

Re: What’s the name of that reel?

Isn’t it the other Toss The Feathers?

Re: What’s the name of that reel?


i thought they were playing the two versions of Toss the Feathers, first the one in Em and then the one in D….I must be wong it would be too obvious..


Re: What’s the name of that reel?

Toss the Fteather in D! Thanks a lot!!

Re: What’s the name of that reel?

yeah there are two markedly diffrent versions floating about. Myself, I prefer the one in D

Re: What’s the name of that reel?

More than two. My favorite is the single reel Clare version of Toss the Feathers…


K. Burke did a set of three versions on Sweeney’s Dream… ;)