Irish Folk Favourites CD #2 of 4

By Various Artists

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Tracks 1-7 : Kilfenora Ceili Band
Tracks 8-20 : Sweeney’s Men

On the cd cover, there’s a pleasant photo 0f a "standing stone" with a rock roof (at sunset, or sunrise). Bought at a charity shop and fairly old!

"Tierney’s" is a very nice tune (track no. 5, a medley of reels).

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This is disk 2 of a compilation (1990s) from Castle Communications plc. (Communal cat Murphy has just stepped by for a stroke (ginger, he’s 13 yrs old!).

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It’s actually the second disc of a four-CD compilation.

CD1 - The Dubliners and The Kilfenora CB
CD3 - The Grehan Sisters and Finbar and Eddie Furey
CD4 - Fnbar and Eddie Furey and Mick Moloney

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Thanks for your update, never heard of "Finbar". I have seen the outside of St Finbarr’s Cathedral in Cork City (Church of Ireland, Protestant). I got flummoxed by the River Lee in Cork - it divides into two - very bad for a woman with a poor sense of direction. Excuse irrelevant aside. Cheers.

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JJ : is that song Irish? Falling through an Irish cowshed roof is my most vivid memory of my teenage years (aged 14) - after all it IS a long time ago - the morphine shot was quite fun, saw the blue sky through the hole I (and my brother) had made.

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An old vaudeville song from the 19th century written by James Thornton who was an Irish American. It was recorded several times last century and was a surprise hit for The Furey Brothers and Davy Arthur in 1981. There were many other versions though.

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Finbar Furey?