Irish Folk Favourites CD #2 of 4

By Various Artists

  1. Austin Tierney’s
    I’m Waiting For You
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
    The Five Mile Chase
  2. The Humours Of Glendart
    Joys Of Life
  3. Down The Broom
    The Donegal
  4. Coming Back To Miltown
  5. McDermott’s
    Lady Montgomery
  6. The Gold Ring
    The Lucky Penny
  7. The Reel Of Bogy
    The Kerry
    The Sailor On The Rock
    The Lady Of The Island
    The Stony Steps
  8. Rattlin‘ Roarin’ Willy
  9. Sullivan’s John
  10. Sally Brown
  11. My Dearest Dear
  12. The Exile’s
  13. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  14. Dicey Riley
  15. Tom Dooley
  16. Willy O’ Winsbury
  17. Dance To Your Daddy
  18. The House Carpenter
  19. Johnstone
  20. Reynard The Fox

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Re: Irish Folk Favourites

Tracks 1-7 : Kilfenora Ceili Band
Tracks 8-20 : Sweeney’s Men

On the cd cover, there’s a pleasant photo 0f a “standing stone” with a rock roof (at sunset, or sunrise). Bought at a charity shop and fairly old!

“Tierney’s” is a very nice tune (track no. 5, a medley of reels).

Re: Irish Folk Favourites

This is disk 2 of a compilation (1990s) from Castle Communications plc. (Communal cat Murphy has just stepped by for a stroke (ginger, he’s 13 yrs old!).

Re: Irish Folk Favourites CD #2 of 4

It’s actually the second disc of a four-CD compilation.

CD1 - The Dubliners and The Kilfenora CB
CD3 - The Grehan Sisters and Finbar and Eddie Furey
CD4 - Fnbar and Eddie Furey and Mick Moloney

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Re: Irish Folk Favourites CD #2 of 4

Thanks for your update, never heard of “Finbar”. I have seen the outside of St Finbarr’s Cathedral in Cork City (Church of Ireland, Protestant). I got flummoxed by the River Lee in Cork - it divides into two - very bad for a woman with a poor sense of direction. Excuse irrelevant aside. Cheers.

Re: Irish Folk Favourites CD #2 of 4

JJ : is that song Irish? Falling through an Irish cowshed roof is my most vivid memory of my teenage years (aged 14) - after all it IS a long time ago - the morphine shot was quite fun, saw the blue sky through the hole I (and my brother) had made.

Re: Irish Folk Favourites CD #2 of 4

An old vaudeville song from the 19th century written by James Thornton who was an Irish American. It was recorded several times last century and was a surprise hit for The Furey Brothers and Davy Arthur in 1981. There were many other versions though.

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Finbar Furey?