Hidden Fermanagh Vol.1

By Various Artists

  1. Dickie Gossip
    The Primrose Lass
    Uncle Hugh’s
  2. Bobby Treacy’s
    The Sunny Banks
  3. I Have Travelled This Country
  4. The Milltown Lasses
    Lady Gardener
  5. Eddie Duffy’s Monaghan Twig
    The Stormy Saturday
  6. Edward On Lough Erne’s Shore
  7. Miss Leyeer’s
    Miss Adams’
  8. Eddie Duffy’s New Ships A Sailing
  9. Pat Gunn’s Boat
  10. Lady Lubeck
    The Ereshire Lasses
  11. The Top Of The Hill
    Katie’s Lilt
  12. Kate From Ballinamore
  13. Big John’s
    P Flanagan’s Stony Steps
  14. Ballyconnell Fair
  15. The Opera
  16. Hugh Crawford’s
    Sandy McConnell’s
    Jemmy Duffy’s

Five comments

The Tidden Fermanagh

The New CD “Hidden Fermanagh” Vol 1 highlights the rich musical traditions of the Erne County. Already well noted for its vast store of traditional music “Hidden Fermanagh” unearths many tunes from the mid nineteenth century found in The John Gunn Book and hitherto unrecorded Also tunes from the playing of Mick Hoy , Eddie Duffy, Big John McManus and Cathal MacConnell

The Book “ Hidden Fermanagh” written by Cyril Maguire which accompanies the CD contains transcripts of over one hundred tunes and thirty three songs.

Artists included on the album are John McManus, Valerie McManus, Cathal McConnell, Fintan McManus, Pat McManus, , Laurence Nugent, Cyril Maguire, Ian Smith, Catherine Dunne, Jim McGrath, Seamus Quinn, Aisling McPhillips. Charlie Woods, Brian McGrath, Mickey MacConnell, John Joe Maguire, Gabriel McArdle, Brenda McCann, Rosie Stewart, Catherine McLoughlin (nee Nugent) Annette Owens, Francis Rasdale, Annie McKenzie, Jim Hoy, Larry Hoy, Sean Higgins,
Eamonn Corrigan, Sharon Creasey, Richard Creasey,


Just got this yesterday from me ma in Ireland. Knowing some of the musicians featured, I was expecting it to be good. It is a marvellous compilation of songs and tunes -- only two of which I know, having learned them from, not surprisingly, Fermanagh musicians. Another recording which proves again that this music is at its best when left on its own.

The Hidden Fermanagh Book and CD’s

One day after a cracking session in Enniskillen on Paddy’s Day this year, I searched the entire town for copies of CD’s Vol 1 & 2. I thought I could get them cheap in Fermanagh, but none of several music shops and even the tourist office had them. So I had no choice but to order them after I came back home here in Far East, and they finally arrived this morning! How much did it cost to get 2 CD’s and a book? Believe or not, it was only 40 Euro, including shipping fee! Well, it is around 28 GBP or 50 USD. Be sure to get them from Custy’s!

Browsing through the book and looking at the photos in it, I found a couple of familiar faces. I played with them last month, and they are even on the CD’s! I can’t wait to go back there.

As Kenny has written somewhere, Brenda McCann’s fiddle playing is just gorgeous. I shamefully admit I’ve never heard of her.

Re: Hidden Fermanagh Vol.1

All the songs are traditional apart from track 14, Ballyconnell Fair, which was written by Sandy McConnell and sung on the CD by his sons Cathal and Mickey.