Feochán (The Gentle Breeze)

By Robert Harvey

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Re: Feochán (The Gentle Breeze)

This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been out of step with the opinions of others, but while this one has All-Ireland titles this recording and his ways with the music, his style of flute playing, does absolutely nothing for me… There’s no involuntary foot tapping. For me, hearing it once was more than enough. It’s unlikely to be repeated. No doubt others will show to shower praise, but for me this just ain’t got what turns me on and raises a smile or drives me to want to dance, or to play along. Bless him, but for me there’s something missing!? 😛

Re: Feochán (The Gentle Breeze)

I recently purchased this album and I think its fab I love playing along with it 🎶 The tunes are lovely , Robert is such a good flute player ☺️