By Gillian Head

  1. Spootiskerry
    The Banshee
    Anne Lacey
  2. Ashley’s Swing
    The Mucking Of Geordie’s Byre
    The Sailor’s Wife
    Three Deer And A Hare
  3. The Braes Of Mar
    John Allan Cameron
    Mist On The Loch
    Taybank Shenanigans
    Molly Rankin
  4. Cutty’s Wedding
    Jerry Holland’s VW Truck
    Wukitsch Of Shenacadie
    Miss Molly Grant
  5. The Island Of Woods
  6. The Newcastle
    Mary Claire
    Tom Marsh
  7. A Dan J. Campbell
    Miss Gordon Of Fochabers
    Dòmhnull Cléireach
    Miss Maitland Of Freugh
    Trip To Herve’s
  8. Stan Chapman’s
    Pat And Al
    Johnny Muise
  9. The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside
    Editor’s Favorite
    MacKinnon’s Brook
    John Of Badenyon
    Sandy Cameron
  10. Lonesome Eyes
  11. Willie Joe
    The Donegal Lass