The Celtic Fiddler

By Various Artists

  1. Rocky Road To Dublin
  2. Drops Of Brandy
  3. Rights Of Man
  4. John Ryan’s
  5. The Humours Of Westport
  6. Moylley Gys Jee My Chaarjyn (Praise To God, My Friends)
  7. The Sheep Under The Snow
  8. Three Little Boats Went Out To Sea
  9. Pasadobre Popular
  10. Muineira Das Zocas
  11. Danza De Carino
  12. Ponte De San Paio
  13. Alborada De Pontecaldelas
  14. Nyth Y Gwcw
  15. Tros Y Garreg
  16. Mwynen Cynwyd
  17. Glwysen
  18. Croen Y Ddafad Felen
  19. Je Vous Dis, Mademoiselle
  20. An Dro
  21. Hanter Dro
  22. Silvestrig
  23. Miner’s Fancy
  24. Furry Dance
  25. Tom Bawcock’s Treat
  26. Drummond Castle
  27. Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre
  28. Scotland The Brave
  29. Speed The Plough
  30. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife

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Re: The Celtic Fiddler

3 further Scottish tracks :- Scotland the Brave (51), Speed the Plough (53) and Gin ye Kiss my Wife + 52, 54 and 56 (backing tracks). Not allowed more than 50 tracks for cds.

This is the accompanying cd to Edward Huws Jones’ book "THE CELTIC FIDDLER" published by Boosey and Hawkes in a new edition, 2012. The musicians are not credited, though they play very well. It’s a book for learner fiddlers, with the backing tracks playable as "slow harmony versions" of each tune. Or you can play the tunes to the backing tracks. A good listen apart from the "play along" usefulness.

I’d recommend this book - though I can’t play fast enough to keep up with most of the tunes. After much work, I can almost keep up with "The Rocky Road to Dublin"!

Re: The Celtic Fiddler

Susan, I’ve removed all the backing tracks so that the recording can fit neatly into one page. I hope that’s OK.

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Re: The Celtic Fiddler

GW - yes that works better.