Bottom Of The Punch Bowl

By Mithril Duo

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Mithril Duo - Bottom Of The Punch Bowl

2015 album.

Music from Ireland, Scotland and the Shetland Islands, the Isle of Man and Sweden, played on flutes, whistles, Celtic harp, Scottish smallpipes, fiddle, guitar, and, the Swedish nyckelharpa.

Their website:

Available on iTunes, and, on CDBaby:

They are the co-founders of Mithril:
- Andra Bohnet
- Tom Morley

From the liner notes on their website ( ), they are joined by:
- Barbara Gabriel (cello)
- Bryan Joyce (harpsichord)
- Andy Kruspe (bodhrán)

On their SoundCloud page, Price Of My Pig/Kitty’s Wedding set:

Some additional information available on All Music: