Volume 1

By Augusta Ceili Band

  1. The Maid Behind The Bar
    Sleep Sound In The Morning
    Drowsy Maggie
  2. The Glen Of Aherlow
    The Union
  3. The Gaelic Club
    The Yellow Bonnet
  4. Carrol’s
    As I Went Upon The Ice
  5. The Merry Blacksmith
    Jenny’s Chickens
  6. The Ships Are A-Sailing
    The Paper Bird
  7. The Fermoy Lasses
    The Watchmaker
  8. St. Anne’s
    The Man Of The House
  9. The Golden Keyboard
    Farewell To Milltown
  10. The Wise Maid
    Sporting Paddy
    The Golden Stud
  11. Liz Kelly’s
  12. Dan Coakley’s
    Captain Byng
  13. Ledder Breeches
    Mrs. Ryan’s
    John Ryan’s
  14. The Boys Of Bluehill
    The Rights Of Man
  15. The Kerry Jig (Slide)
    Son Ar Rost
    Seamus Creagh’s (Slide)
  16. Young Ned Of The Hill
    As I Roved Out
  17. The Kaiser
    Gallant Tipperary Boys
    See Emily Fly
    The Lonesome Road To Dingle
    The Sparrow’s Tail
  18. The Banshee
    Achill Sound
    The Congress
  19. The Humours Of Carrigaholt
    The Last Leaf
  20. Cooley’s
    The Musical Priest
  21. The Green Fields Of America
    The Chicago
    John Stenson’s #2
  22. The Killavil
    The Tamlin
    Pachelbel’s Frolics
  23. O’Callaghan’s
    The Green Cottage
    Ray’s Classic
  24. Prelude (Prelude #2)
    Paddy’s (The Blackwater #2)
  25. I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
    The Oriental

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Augusta Ceili Band - Volume 1

Released October 2019.

Available at Bandcamp:

Irish Ceili Band based out of Germany.

They are:
- Aleix Kammerl (fiddle)
- Attila Tapolczai (mandolin)
- Florian Schanz (piano)
- Andreas Koller (bodhrán)
- Johanna Regenbogen (viola)
- Manuel Hengge (guitar)