The Likes Of Us

By Bob Bickerton

  1. Plate Of Scallops
    Eye Of The Mullet
  2. After The Hunt
  3. The Likes Of Us
  4. McDonald’s Farewell​
    ​Tassel Hassle
  5. An Tráigh Bhán
  6. Leave Your Side Again
  7. Ceara’s Favourite​
    ​Fig’s Delight
  8. Mo Rún Is Mo Ghrá Geal Rua
  9. The Collier’s Widow
  10. Paddy Galvin’s​
    ​The Old Cardrona
  11. Embers Of The Cross​
    ​The Tea And Biscuits
  12. Greater Than Creation
  13. Aye Fond Farewell

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Bob Bickerton - The Likes Of Us

2006 album.

All compositions of Bob, according to his website:

Available on Bandcamp:

Some musicians on the album (from ):
- Bob Bickerton (vocals/uileann pipes/etc.)
- Donal McMahon (flute)
- Micky Dunne (uileann pipes)
- Dennis Crowley (uileann pipes)

Liner notes from Bandcamp:

- Track 1, Plate Of Scallops​/​Eye Of The Mullet​/​Eel Reel:
Three reels composed in Golden Bay, New Zealand following close encounters with fish.

- Track 2, After The Hunt:
A three part slow reel inspired by the Foxhunt suite.

- Track 3, The Likes Of Us:
A song inspired by the words of Blasket Island writer Tomás O’Crohan
(Lyrics available on his Bandcamp page)

- Track 4, McDonald’s Farewell​/​Tassel Hassle:
The first tune recalls an incident where good friend Barrie McDonald and myself shared a dressing room with a belly dancer and the second tune recalls some of the problems she seemed to have with her tassels!

- Track 5, An Tráigh Bhán:
An tráigh bhán, the white beach, was inspired by the stories of life on the islands where the beach or strand would be an important part of daily life.

- Track 6, Leave Your Side Again:
A rework of the old ‘stand by your man’ theme. Not to be tried without adult supervision.
(Lyrics available on his Bandcamp page)

- Track 7, Ceara’s Favourite​/​Hogan’s​/​Fig’s Delight:
Three jigs. The first is a favourite of my daughter Ceara, the second is dedicated to dancer Gayle Hogan and the last is dedicated to my brother in law Feargal.

- Track 8, Mo Rún is Mo Ghrá Geal Rua:
‘My red-haired loved one’. A harp tune dedicated to my wife Evey McAuliffe.

- Track 9, The Collier’s Widow:
New Zealand’s worst mine disaster occurred in 1896 at the Brunner Mine on the West Coast of the South Island. Mary Roberts lost a husband and three sons that day. This song is dedicated to her.
(Lyrics available on his Bandcamp page)

- Track 10, Paddy Galvin’s​/​The Old Cardrona:
Two reels I first played at the old school hall in Cardrona. Paddy Galvin was the uilleann piper who lived in Cardrona in the 1800’s.

- Track 11, Embers Of The Cross​/​The Tea And Biscuits Reel:
Two tunes dedicated to the Gaelic Society Of New Zealand which had it’s final meeting (after 125 years) in Dunedin in May 2006.

- Track 12, Greater Than Creation:
The only time (when this was written) any Irish team beat the All Blacks was in 1978 when a very average Munster team beat one of the greatest All Black teams of all time - works as a recitation too!
(Lyrics available on his Bandcamp page)

- Track 13, Aye Fond Farewell:
A song of farewells and life on the road.
(Lyrics available on his Bandcamp page)