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Patrisk Street

This is Patrick Street’s first album, when the lineup was Burke, Irvine, Daly and McGlynn. The recording also features Donal Lunny.


The song "Patrick Street" turns up with the same tune and similar words (same story, anyway) as "Barrack Street" on Nic Jones’ album "Penguin Eggs".

Patrick Street

What’s the name of the jig played as part of the 1st (title) track of this CD? I can’t find any reference to a jig called "Patrick Street"

(ps I have the recording so I don’t need the abc or the dots 🙂 )

Look at "Details". ie - the track list.

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Patrick Street

Kenny - thanks !!!! That was *really* dumb of me - in my defence, I did have a quick look at (the first part of) Carraroe; but the jig that interweaves with the Patrick St song is the *second* part of the jig!