Céili to the Beat

By Ellery Klein And Ryan Lacey

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  1. Music In The Glen
    Pigeon On The Gate
    The Pizza (Reel)
  2. Revenge O’ The Snakes (For St. Patrick’s Day Ceili)
  3. The Sweets Of May Ceili
  4. The Three Tunes Ceili
  5. Trip To The Cottage Ceili
  6. Eight Hand Jig Ceili
  7. Three Bean Chili
    Sneaking Cookies
    House Biccies
  8. Hear The Whistle
    My Love With The Yellow Locks
    Head Of Ginger
  9. Emad’s Stone House
    Mosaics Underwater
    Hulu Heck Are You?
  10. Little Grace On High
    Little Sprouts
    Down The Slide And Up Again
  11. Crusaders Hornpipes
  12. Emmy Lou
    The Snow Is All Over
    Bremen Stree
  13. Downfall Of Paris (Set Dance)
  14. The Sugar Spectacular Performance Medley

One comment

Ellery Klein And Ryan Lacey - Céili to the Beat

2014 album.

Available on iTunes, and, at CDBaby:

They are:
- Ellery Klein (fiddle)
- Ryan Lacey (drums/percussion)

Tune names pulled from their compilation album (of this album and two others) on CDBaby:

The Crusaders Hornpipe Set is likely either a set of: Golden Nug With Pa / Bottle Trick / Jade, or, Blue Fries / Luxor Toss / Day On Cozumel.