Beyond the Horizon

By Connemara (USA)

  1. Gloomy Winter’s Now Away
  2. My Heart’s In The Highlands
  3. Tha Mi Sgith
    All Soul’s Night
    Sean Triubhas Uilleachain
  4. Separation Of Soul And Body
    Get Up Early
  5. The Emigrant
  6. Dance On Daddy’s Shoes
    Speed The Plow
  7. The Scholar
  8. Poison Glen
  9. Fiddler Play The Light
  10. Free And Easy
    Lark In The Morning

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Re: Beyond the Horizon

I have always loved this album. I found it at The Swannanoa Gathering during Celtic Week in 1996. I wrote to one of the musicians and she sent me sheet music for some of the tunes they had written.

Re: Beyond the Horizon

Hi! I made some edits to the tunes listed. My authority is that I’m the Tracie in the recording.

My Heart’s in the Highlands — deleted link; it’s not the same tune as it was linked to. If you’re wondering, we got the tune from the Barra MacNeils.

Sean Triubhas Uilleachain — added a link to the tune.

The Emigrant — deleted link to tune; it is not the same. This is a song with tune by Dougie McLean (originally an instrumental), and lyrics and bridge added by Grace Griffith RIP of Connemara.

Free and Easy — deleted link to the reel. This is a song from Granuaile, Shaun Davy’s suite for voice, traditional instruments, and chamber orchestra.

Thanks for listing this, 1974Fiddler.

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