Sailing Over The 7th String

By Tim Edey

  1. Polca Dalaigh
    Dawle’s Polca
  2. Rumba Negra
  3. The Steamboat
    The Autograph Clog
  4. Beir Mo Dhuthract
    An T-Eilean Muileach
  5. Jenny’s Tune
  6. Donal De Barra’s (Jig)
    Gan Ainm (Reel)
  7. Carlisle Lasses
    Mr. Martin’s Compliments To Dr. Keith MacDonald
  8. Beautiful Lake Ainslie
  9. Iain Chlinn Chuaich
    Caontae Mhuigheo
  10. Swanee River
  11. My Prayer

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Tim Edey - Sailing Over The 7th String

2013 album.

Available on Bandcamp:

On the album:
- Tim Edey (acoustic, nylon, electric & bass guitars/melodeon)
- Steve Cooney (acoustic, electric, bass guitars/banjo/vocals)
- Lucy Randall (cajon/percussion)
- Patsy Reid (string section)

Tune names pulled from All Celtic Music: