Black Velvet II

By Black Velvet

  1. Salt
  2. The End Of Summer
  3. Bea May’s
    In Memory Of Coleman
  4. Gwerz Ponkaleg
    Spain Again
  5. Marche De Roskonval
    Marche Kreiz Breizh
    Marche Vennetaize
  6. Sit On My Fiddle
    Dust On The Windowsills
    The Rumblestrip
  7. Rehov Aroch
    Ehud Nathan’s
  8. Olive Trees Forever
    The Joker’s Horo
    The Devil’s Horo
    Gloria Mundi
  9. The Curlews
    The Transatlantic
    Mrs. Patterson’s Slipper
  10. Jonathan’s Farewell
    Jonathan Keren’s

Two comments

Black Velvet -Black Velvet II

Released February 2013. Recorded between 2004 & 2010.

Irish music from Israel.

Their website:

Available on Bandcamp:

On the album:
– Jonathan Keren [fiddle (1,2,3c,4,5,6,8,9,10), mandolin (1,10b) , bouzouki (10a), bass (10b)]
– Shani Kombelis [flute (2b,3,4,5bc,6,8,9bc)]
– Ehud Nathan [bouzouki (1-9), mandolin (6a,10a), bodhrán (2,3,4,5,7,8), whistles (4,8)]
– Itay Abramovitz [keyboards (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8bc), melodica (7), vocals (7)]
– Nitzan Shachar [bodhrán (1,4,5c,6,9), djembe (2,4,8), udu (6), bongos (1), shakers (1,6,10)]

Joined by:
– Michael Greilsammer – [fiddle (3), lead vocals (7)]
– Dina Lurie [fiddle (3c,7), viola (7)]
– Eti Abramovitz [flute (2a,5a,7), vocals (7)]
– Philip Khripkov [flute (9a)]
– Vitaly Podolsky [accordion (8,9)]
– Tal Babitzky [keyboards (8a,9)]
– Nadav Gaiman [cajon, percussion (4,7)]
– John McSherry [pipes (1,4), low whistle (1)]
– Erez Monk [tabla, daf, tambourine (8)]
– Gaya Nathan [cello (8,10)]

Tune composer information (with the rest being listed as traditional):
- Salt Polka, Pepper Polka, Sit On My Fiddle, The Transatlantic Reel, Jonathan’s farewell, A reel in 5/4 (Jonathan Keren)
- The End Of Summer, Spain Again, Ehud Nathan’s Polka, Olive Trees Forever, The Joker’s Horo, The Devil’s Horo, Gloria Mundi (Ehud Nathan)
- In Memory Of Coleman (Ed Reavy)
- Frank’s Reel (John McCuscar)
- Dust On The Windowsills (John Harling)
- The Rumblestrip (Niall O’Callanain)
- The Curlew (Josephine Keegan)