Sean Potts

By Sean Og Potts & Gavin Ralston

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Sean Potts (uilleann pipes) with Gavin Ralston (guitars).

…and Paddy Moloney?

…and Paddy Moloney?

"Sean Potts"

Note: Son of ex-Chieftain whistle player Sean Potts, piper Sean Óg Potts and in the Donal Lunny Band. This is Potts’ first solo album, and it very much meets the expectations one might have based on his past recordings. His technique is impressive, particularly his staccato playing and handling of the regulators, as is his manipulating of traditional melodies to suit the piping idiom—listen for instance to his setting of "Frost is All Over" or of the old chestnuts "The Merry Blacksmith." And it doesn’t hurt that Potts’ Andreas Rogge "flat" (B) and concert sets sound absolutely gorgeous.