The Press Gang

By The Press Gang (Ireland)

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  1. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  2. Pace Egging Song
  3. Banks Of Claudy
  4. Down In Yon Forest
  5. The Wild Goose Shanty
  6. Abroad For Pleasure
  7. The Wild Rover
  8. Spencer The Rover
  9. Haul On The Bowline
  10. Hark To The Hounds
  11. The Boar’s Head Carol
  12. Thugamar Fein
  13. Two Brethren
  14. General Taylor
  15. Babes In The Wood
  16. Hal An Tow
  17. Chase The Buffalo
  18. Blow The Man Down
  19. The Cutty Wren

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Re: The Press Gang

There been more than a few bands called The Press Gang over the years (with or without the definite article). The one from Maine is listed on this site already, so here’s the Irish one.

This album dated from 1975 and was issued by the short-lived Hawk label. The quartet on it consisted of Seán Corcoran (later of Cran), Tony Crehan, Niall Fennell and Dave Smith and they sang all together and unaccompanied.

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