Over the Isles

By Elizabeth & Ben Anderson

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Re: Over the Isles

The tunes I couldn’t find, from the liner notes:
“Woods № 1 (Iain MacLeod) was recorded in the nineties by punk-ceilidh band Shooglenifty.”
“A Bhradag Dhubh (You Black Besom): Our instrumental version of a Gaelic waulking song… The lyrics of the original song take the form of a flyting, or poetic exchange of insults… by describing the… heroes of Barra… Our source was a 1938 clip catalogued on the Tobar an Dualchais database.”
“Mr. John Gow’s Delight (Niel Gow, Jr.) was written by the grandson of Niel Gow.”
“The Laird of Franklin Park: The second strathspey is a co-composition by Elizabeth and Ben.”
“Standfast (Simon Connolly): We heard a pipe band playing this tune at the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, ON… we ran across the field to get the tune name as the band finished their set…”