Irish Music from The Favourite

By Jimmy Power and Tony Ledwith

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  1. Statia Donnelly’s
    Mick Gorman’s Fancy
  2. Last Night’s Fun
    Martin Wynne’s
  3. Princess Royal
  4. The Woman Of The House
    The Morning Dew
  5. Willie Clancy’s
    Mag Long’s
  6. The Donegal
    The Mooncoin
  7. Seán Ryan’s Fancy
  8. Toss The Feathers
    The Earl’s Chair
  9. Lanigan’s Ball
    Gallagher’s Frolics
  10. Paddy Malynn’s
    The Green Groves
  11. Kitty’s Gone A-Milking
    Miss Thornton
  12. Hornpipe Selection
  13. The Tempest
    Colonel Rodney
    John Morrison
  14. Bonny Ann
    Miss Johnson
  15. The Kesh
  16. The Mistress
    St. Anne’s
  17. The Copperplate
    The Kilmaley
    The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Castlebar

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Re: Irish Music from The Favourite

Released in 1975 on the Leader label, the title of this album is somewhat misleading. Despite it’s front cover bearing a large photograph of the rather grubby Favourite pub just off the bottom of Hornsey Road in North London, all of the tracks were recorded elsewhere, either at the Sugawn Kitchen (on the Balls Pond Road which runs east from Highbury Corner) or at a private house in Croydon. Recordings at the former were made in May and June, 1971, and at the latter in July 1973.

While the Waterford-born fiddler Jimmy Power is reasonably well known, Tony Ledwith is probably much less so. On this album the Westmeath man plays accordion, though, according to Reg Hall’s detailed sleeve notes, he could knock out a tune on any instrument he could lay his hands on. Reg himself is one of three accompanists on the album, with fellow pianist Paul Gross and Jimmy’s son Tom on guitar on other tracks.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable album, but, sadly one which few will ever hear unless the ‘lost Leaders’ are reissued.

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