In Conversation

By Calum Pasqua & Susie Petrov

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  1. Air For Ferguson
  2. Redbreast
  3. Alex’s Haircut
    The Gathering
  4. Sleeping Tune
    Cameron McFadyen
    Mrs Moray Of Abercarney
    Welcome Back To Cape Breton
  5. Delvine Side
    Delvine Side
    Malt On The Optics
    Bobbers Of Brechin
  6. South Uist Air
    Come Hither
    Sound Of Sleat
  7. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t
    Zito The Bubbleman
    Peter’s Peerie Boat
  8. Delta Fiddler
    Seinn O
  9. The 91st At Modder River
    Miss Douglas
    Mrs Mary MacDonald
  10. Neil On The Floor
    The Famous Barravan
  11. Nae Door Pibroch
    Pressed For Time
    The High Drive
  12. Grand Etang