The Bay Street Sessions

By Alexis MacIsaac & Calum MacKenzie

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  1. Sarah’s Ashes
    McDonagh’s Salute
  2. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Donegal Tinker
    House Of Hamil
  3. The Pipe On The Hob
    Magic Shoes
    The Mouse In The Kitchen
  4. Shay MacMullin
    Lucy Campbell
    The Old Copperplate
    Cuimhneachadh Mo Mhàthair
    Bessie MacIntyre’s
    Twisted Fingers
  5. Willie Coleman’s
    The Shoemaker’s Fancy
    Celtic Colours #2
    Shanghai Seanchai
  6. McKechnie’s Farewell
    The Hag’s Purse
    Nellie Garvey’s
  7. Macedonian Oro
    Farewell To Whalley Range
  8. Gruagach Òg An Fhuilt Bhàin
  9. Dinny O’Brien’s
    The Ewe
    Pigeon On The Gate
  10. Kilts On Fire
    Hughie Rorey MacKinnon
    Slàinte Do Ailean Mac’Illiosa
    Memories Of Tony Bekkers
  11. The Mabou Knot

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The Bay Street Sessions (2016)

Alexis MacIsaac ~ fiddle
Calum MacKenzie ~ piano

A piano and fiddle duo with a modern approach to Celtic music, featuring guest artists John Dahms (fiddle), Ross Martin (guitar), Angus MacKenzie (border pipes, whistle), Kenneth MacKenzie (fiddle, highland pipes), Greg Brown (concertina), Ronald MacKenzie (vocals), Philip Victor Bova (acoustic bass), and Eilidh MacKenzie (harp).

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