The Roke

By Ross Miller

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  1. D Major MacKenzie
  2. Richard’s Gone Bananas
    That Little Bit Extra
    Ton Doubl
    Laurie The Blaster
  3. Grannie Betty, Whiteface
    Far O’er Struy
  4. Chloe’s Passion
    Angus J McNeill Of Barra
    The Raft Race
  5. Lucy Campbell’s
    The Red-Haired Girl Of Tulloch
    Coinneachd Arg An Stuir
  6. The Opportunistic Chocolate Bar
    Ross ‘Quartet’ Miller
  7. Taobh Loch Eite
    Pipe Major Robert Rennie, HLI
  8. Leaving Arisaig
    B’ Fhearr Mar A Bha Mi ‘N Uiridh
    Aye Right
  9. The Whistler
    Chris Lee’s Quimper Bilanos
    Accidental Belterism
  10. Eileen Miller’s
    0 To 60 In 219000 Days
  11. The Roke, The Row And The Wee Pickled Trow
  12. The Roke, The Row And The Wee Pickled Trow
    The Tram Over The Rhine

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The Roke (2020)

Ross Miller - Bagpipes
Craig Irivng - Guitar
Charlie Stewart - Fiddle, Double Bass
Rory Matheson - Piano
Callum Edwards - Drums, percussion, marching snare drum
Craig Baxter - Bodhran

In this, his debut album, Ross has swapped the competition platform for a contemporary sound featuring full band arrangements, some stripped back performances and everything in between. There’s even a pipe quartet where Ross performs all four parts.

The Roke is the town tune of the Ancient and Royal Burgh of Linlithgow where Ross Miller was brought up and is the official the Town Piper.

A finalist in the 2019 BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year and a Danny Kyle Award Winner at Celtic Connections Ross has also won the World Pipe Band Championships and an array of Solo Piping prizes in his career so far. The tunes on this instrumental album are all either Ross’ compositions or his favourite tunes to play. The music ranges from tunes he has played in pipe bands given a new twist to modern Reels and Jigs played with passion and verve.

The album is released on Ross’ 25th Birthday and is a reflection of years of hard work honing his skills as a piper and composer.

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