Sergeant Early’s Dream

By The Rude Mechanicals

Added by Bazza .

  1. Be Gone From The Window
    The Great North Run
  2. Brink Of The White Rocks
  3. Brighthelmstone Hot Bath
    New Feathers
  4. Ciel D’Automne
  5. Happy Hours
  6. Leeds
    The Redowa
  7. Limerick’s Lamentation
    Lemmy Brazil’s No 2
  8. Miriam’s Well
  9. Prins Egeni Marsch
  10. Sergeant Early’s Dream
    Jug Of Punch
  11. Stemning Fra Steigjela
  12. Scan Tester’s 1st Stepdance
    Scan Tester’s 2nd Stepdance
  13. Woodbridge Two-step
    Lancing Three-step
  14. Vinden

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Re: Sergeant Early’s Dream

This is the second* CD by this trio from Sussex, UK. (See ‘Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot’ for details of the first one). Tunes from various places, inc. Ireland. It’s available from the band via their website at:, where there’s also some information about the tracks.
* There’s also a much older one made when they were just a duo.