Dancing Fire

By Ceólta

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Bó Mhín Na Toitean
    Star Above The Garter
  2. The Crow In The Cradle
  3. The Road Set
  4. Johnny O’ Braidislee
  5. Bonnie Light Horseman
  6. Hairy Mollie Set
  7. Sweet Moorlough Shore
  8. Lord Franklin
  9. Milking The Pear Drop
  10. Courting Is A Pleasure
  11. The Cummings Set
  12. Dancing Fire Queen

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Re: Dancing Fire

Ciarán Mulholland (fiddle), Paul McKernan (pipes), and Mark Carmichael (guitar):


"Based in the North of Ireland, Ceólta is an exciting group whose members have many years of experience on the traditional scene. They produce a vibrant sound, playing an array of instruments on self -penned and traditional arrangements."