Steall (Torrent)

By Ewen Henderson

  1. A Melbourne Morning
    Gillean an Dròbhair
    The Pneumatic Drills
  2. Òran a’ Bhranndaidh
  3. Camus Daraich
  4. Dìreadh a-mach ri Beinn Shianta
  5. Limassol’s
    The Sanditon Ball
  6. The Clan MacColl
    The Shepherd’s Crook
    Maj. David Manson
  7. Dìleab na h-Aibhne (The River’s Legacy)
  8. The Gantocks
    Highland Harry
    Fèis Seattle
  9. Seinn an Duan Seo (Sing this Ode)
  10. The Westcoaster
    Festival Frolics
  11. Caileag Ruadh Staoinebrig (The Red-Haired Girl of Stoneybridge)

One comment

Re: Steall

A superb new CD from Ewen Henderson of Lochaber. Ewen plays the fiddle, pipes, and whistle, and gives some great interpretations of Gaelic songs. Ewen plays with Mànran (the band he co-founded in 2010), and has also played with Battlefield Band, and World Music band the Afro-Celt Sound System.