By Slainte Mhath

  1. O’Rourke’s
    Joan Beaton’s
    The Red Herring
  2. The Farmer Killed His Ox Today
  3. Annie (Ross’s Farewell To Pang Nirtung)
  4. The Bird’s Nest
    The White Crow
  5. The Devil In The Kitchen
    The Gravel Walks
    The Wise Maid
  6. The Foxhunter’s
  7. Gan Ainm
    The Dancing
    The House Of Letterfourie
    Angus Smiley
    The Darling Of Uist Lasses
    Rip The Calico
  8. 10 Grand
  9. The Silver Spear
    The Concertina
    Three Crowns
  10. Magnus Memory
  11. The Invisible Immigrant
    Garret Barry’s
    Paddy O’Rafferty’s
  12. Good Dryin’
    The Tolka
  13. Fraher’s
    The Leitrim Fancy
  14. Attack Of The Flying Slugs

Two comments


Slainte Mhath’s (pronounced Slawncha Va) newest CD, “Va” is one of the best fusion celtic-rock CD’s I’ve heard. They are the most amazing gorup to hear in concert! I had the oppourtunity to hear them and play sessions with them at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in the summer of 2003. The instrumentation is Fiddle(s), Guitars, Percussion, Bodhran, Piano/keyboard, Bagpipes (all kinds). The also have a CD out called “Slainte Mhath”. An amazing group of young musicians hailing from Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island, Canada! Check their stuff out!

Right, indeed! A fine group , with lots to keep both the trad and mod ears tuned…. all Scots and Irish roots updated handsomely (not obscured)… of note, a rockin’ little jig by Canadian Paul Cranford called the “Invisible Immigrant” slipping smoothly into Garrett Barry’s… Devil in the Kitchen with rock and roll piano/guitar… fine playing and fun throughout !

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