Traditional Irish Music & Song with Chris Droney

By The Four Courts Céilí Band

  1. Flower Of The Flock
    Mrs Crotty’s
    Lad O’Beirne’s
  2. Broderick’s
  3. Bunker Hill
    Listowel Lassies
  4. Seán Ryan’s
    The Friendly Visit
  5. Reel Of Mullinavat
    Seán Ryan’s
    The Chattering Magpie
  6. Concertina Solo (Chris Droney)
  7. The Lake Near Killaloe
  8. The Mountain Top
  9. The Piper’s Despair
    The Coalminer
    The Masters Return
  10. Flute Duet (Séamus & Michael Hynes)
  11. Dillon’s
    Ships Are Sailing
    Miss Mcdonald’s
  12. The Flowing Tide
    The Echo
  13. Clare Jigs
  14. Concertina Solo (Chris Droney)
  15. The Shores Of Lake McNeagh
  16. The Four Courts Favourites
  17. Anderson’s
    The Temple House
    The Banshee