By Velocipede

  1. The Bonnyvale Greenhouse
    Vänkärin Polska
  2. Little Nell
  3. Charlie’s
    Joie De Vivre
  4. Jules Verret’s
    La Rachoudine
  5. Quail Is A Pretty Bird
  6. Valse Des Poêles
    Rabastan à Avila Leblanc
  7. Marche à Thomas Pomerleau
  8. Setauket
  9. The Birdhouse
    The Cat After Sausages
  10. The Field In The Forest
    Morning Star
  11. Wigwam
    Pays De Haut
  12. Polonaise From Sexdrega
  13. L’Ostination
    Reel à Robin
  14. On Common Ground
  15. In The Bright And Silent Moments
    Ducks On The Millpond

One comment

Velocipede: Self-Titled Album

2012 album.

Duo from Maine. Julia Plumb on fiddle, and Baron Collins-Hill on mandolin/tenor guitar.

They play at contra dances, concert halls, and so forth in the US. Looking at their albums, it seems they play Irish, Quebec, Scandinavian, American tunes, as well as, many of their own compositions.

Their website:

Available on Bandcamp:

Tune composer information:
- The Bonnyvale Greenhouse/The Cat After Sausages/In The Bright And Silent Moments (Julia Plumb)
- Vänkärin Polska (Andy May)
- Little Nell (Tony Mates)
- Joie de Vivre (Mia Friedman)
- Valse des Poêles (Simon Riopel)
- The Birdhouse/On Common Ground (Baron Collins-Hill)
- The Field In The Forest (Adam Broome)
- Wigwam Polka (Andy De Jarlis)
- Reel à Robin (Claude Méthé)

The rest don’t have tune composers listed on their Bandcamp page. Perhaps the liner notes have more information.