Leaving Connolly Station

By Sligo Line

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Sligo Line - Leaving Connolly Station

2015 album.

A group from Tallahassee, Florida, many formerly from a group called “The Ned Devines”.

They are:
- Alexandria Carrico (vocals)
- Roger Foreman (fiddle)
- Katie Geringer (fiddle)
- Steve Hodges (guitar/mandolin/banjo)
- Hilary Juilianna (whistle)
- Tim Kerns (bodhrán/percussion)
- Rachel Bielling (Irish step dancer)

Available on Bandcamp:

Some tune and song composer information:
- The Mountaineer (Catherine Hall)
- O‘Carolan’s Welcome/Eleanor Plunkett (Turlough O’Carolan)
- Never Tire Of The Road (Andy Irvine)
- The Birthday Jig (Hilary Juilianna)
- The Wooden Shutters (Roger Foreman)
- From Galway to Graceland (Richard Thompson)
- The Ferryman (Pete St. John)
- Sligo Line (lyrics by Tim Kerns, music adapted from “Freight Train” by Elizabeth Cotten)