An Seisiún

By Marie Fielding

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  1. Wine O’Clock
    Anlon McKinney’s
    Hennessy And Kerr
    Mick Hand’s
  2. Tony’s Orange Sherbets
    Mr. Spencer
    The Day The Plane Came
  3. Honesty Bar
    White Petticoat
    Monday Boy
  4. The Christmas Eve
  5. Marvin Garnish
    McGoldrick’s Return To The Tolbooth
  6. Lazy Dayz
    Andrew Carr
  7. O’Sullivan’s #1
    Cruise Control
  8. Rhona’s
  9. Parting Glass
  10. Polly Rhythm
    Follow Me Down To Carlow
    The Sailor’s Return
  11. Lock In
    Seven Of Eight

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An Seisiún (2015)

Marie Fielding - fiddle, five-string fiddle, strings
Tom Orr - accordion, piano
Donogh Hennessy - guitars
Trevor Hutchinson - doublebass
Jimmy Higgins - percussion
Pauline Scanlon - vocals
Damien Mullan - accordion
Laura Kerr - fiddle, five-string fiddle

This is Marie’s 3rd album on her own label, Rumford Records, which closely follows the release of her 2nd tune book.

Folkwords Review:
"The feeling of connected closeness created by ‘An Seisiún’ (‘The Session’) is strong, its enveloping involvement is tangible, and that is the elemental attraction of this album. You could be there, sat in the pub or the back room with a session of Irish music in progress around you. The tunes range through lively step-inducing romps to sorrowful meaning-filled emotion, and throughout the obvious interaction between the musicians builds into an image of like-minded souls rejoicing in the musical intimacy of ‘the session’.

The tunes seamlessly blend tradition with original composition, innovation with rejuvenation from the spirited ‘Wine O’ Clock’ and ‘Tony’s Orange Sherbets’ through the spritely ‘The Christmas Eve Waltz’ to the contemplative ‘Lazy Dayz’ and yearning ‘Rhona’s Waltz’. And for good measure there’s the added bonus of Pauline Scanlon adding her pure voice to a delightful take on ‘Parting Glass’. This is definitely a session worth attending.

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