Flirting Fiddles

By John Sheahan

  1. Flirting Fiddles
  2. The Marino
  3. Among Friends
  4. Croíadh’s Christening
  5. Strathspey For Londubh
  6. The Winding River
  7. Farewell To Harstad
  8. Draggin’ The Bow
  9. Waltzing With Angels
  10. Diminished Swing
  11. Christ Church
  12. The Marino Casino
  13. Feathered Gale
    Jackie Coleman’s
  14. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  15. MV Celine
  16. Autumn In Paris

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Re: Flirting Fiddles

Flirting Fiddles is John Sheahan’s debut solo album. At 80 years of age there is no stopping him. As one of the original Dubliners, John is no stranger to the recording studio however this project is different. Of the 16 tracks, 15 have been composed by John himself and are an eclectic mix of the different fiddle styles that John has been flirting with over the years, from traditional, to swing, to classical. John is joined by a host of friends both old and new; fiddlers, pipers, guitarists, string quartets and the album also includes a beautiful orchestral performance of his famous Marino Waltz.

Re: Flirting Fiddles

I’m very glad to see that he’s finally done it - he’s a lovely man and always been a great source of help and advice for other musicians - but I’m sorry to point out that John was not ‘one of the original Dubliners’.

Wikipedia has a very detailed timeline -

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Re: Flirting Fiddles

I’m pleased to see that you used “80 years of age” as he is certainly not 80 years “old”. Had the distinct pleasure of seeing him perform in Ennis several years ago with Damien Dempsey and Declan O’Rourke and he was outstanding.

Re: Flirting Fiddles

John’s TV programme, aired recently on TG4, was so entertaining. John’s musicianship and versatility was so evident. This programme was marking his 80th birthday.