Anna-Wendy Stevenson

By Anna-Wendy Stevenson

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  1. Fenella’s
    The Miller Man
    Ross House
  2. Midsummer Star
  3. Calgary
    Tommy’s Tarbukas
    Hazy Days
  4. Lament For Glencoe
  5. John Barbour’s 50th
    El Molin Del Puirtu
  6. John Roy Stewart
    Port Mor Na Lurgann
    The Whigs Of Fife
  7. Hard Is My Fate
  8. Lord Castle’s
    High Up The Glen
  9. Mull Wedding
  10. Dorian Dream
  11. Gallowglass
    Farewell To Whalley Range
    Joy Gae Wi’ My Love
    Dog Bites Chapman
  12. Patrick MacDonald’s

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Anna-Wendy Stevenson (2006)

Anna-Wendy Stevenson - Fiddle
James Rose - Piano
Ewan Vernal - Bass
James MacIntosh - Percussion

“an extraordinarily beautiful recording” – Irish Music magazine
“exceptionally musical” – Living Tradition
“Every now and then there is an album that stands out – this is one of them” – Box and Fiddle

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