The Red Horse

By Geckoes

  1. Da Full Rigged Ship
    The Lad That Keeps The Cattle
  2. The Great North Run ‘86
    Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
    Aiken Drum
  3. The Alewife And Her Barrels
  4. Sommarvals
    The Furze Field
  5. Market Rasen Quickstep
    Louth Quickstep
  6. The Red Horse
    The Shaven Crown
    The Lamb
  7. The Silver Spire
    Far From Being Gruntled
  8. I Do Not Incline
    Tousle Yer Kerchie
  9. Scottish A Brice
    Trip To The Bar
  10. True Blue
    Jack The Horse Courser
  11. Nickely Hood
    The Cream Pot
  12. Morris Dance
    The Knife Edge
  13. Ffaniglen
    Suddo Heb Olrhain

One comment

Geckoes - The Red Horse

1999 album.

Available on Bandcamp:

On the album:
- Andy Cheyne (bass guitars/mandolin/bouzouki/fiddle/acoustic guitar/percussion)
- Andy Turner (anglo-concertinas/vocals/percussion)
- Caroline Ritson (fiddle/vocals)
- Dave Parry (melodeons/vocals/percussion)
- Tom Miller (acoustic and electric guitars/keyboards/vocals)

Some tune composer information from Bandcamp:
- The Great North Run ‘86 (Robert Whitehead)
- Sommarvals (Ale Möller)
- The Red Horse/The Shaven Crown/The Lamb (Andy Cheyne; named after pubs in Shipton-under-Wychwood)
- Far From Being Gruntled (Andy Cheyne; also named “The Pissed-Off Polka")
- Trip To The Bar (Chris Beaumont)
- Suddo heb olrhain (Tomi Jenkins; translates to “Sinking Without Trace”)