The Stonemason

By Sharon Shannon, Kevin Griffin, Eoin O’Neill, Michel Bonamy, Niall Sheedy

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Re: The Stonemason

Okay. I’ll bite. Has this been reissued onto something other than a cassette?

Re: The Stonemason

I would doubt that very much. "Own label" recordings of that vintage seldom are. There’s no date anywhere on the tape or insert, but it’s certainly from before Sharon Shannon becoming better known to the wider musical world.

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Re: The Stonemason

The sounds like a great lineup and a good recording. Is this a monster tease, or can you order this on CD somewhere. I shall search the almighty internet. Kevin is my third favorite banjo Irish banjo player of all time. I even got to humor him in Doolin with my version of "Whiskey in the Jar". Way back in the Goodle Daze.