The Dimming Of The Day

By Uaine

Added by Jeremy .
  1. The Camino
    The Lackagh Cross
    Will You Mind?
  2. The Last March
    Paddy Murphy’s Wife
    Eleanor Kane’s
  3. Dimming Of The Day
  4. King Of The Pipers
    The Policeman’s Holiday
    The Wedding
  5. Turas Go Teamhair
    The Dooish
    Kinny Cally Hill
  6. March To Kinsale
  7. The Jolly Soldier
    Cheer Up Old Hag
  8. J.O. Forbes Of Corse
    Hasberry Howard
    The Salthill
  9. The Walking Stick
    Kitty’s Corner
  10. An Londubh ‘San Chéirseach
  11. The Iapetus
    The Cold Night
  12. Scattery Island
    Moss Murphy’s
    Between Newcastle And Ardagh

Three comments

Re: The Dimming Of The Day

Bríd Harper (fiddle), Tony O’Connell (concertina), Lisa Butler (vocals), and Paul Meehan (guitar, mandolin, banjo).

Re: The Dimming Of The Day

The tune listet as «Gan Ainm» on the sleeve note seems to be «Scattery Island»

Re: The Dimming Of The Day

This CD is awesome. Hard to get hold of, tho - you can get it from Brid directly.
Gets stronger set by set.
Best tune, brid’s self-penned Turas Go Teamhair.
Last two sets are especially mighty.