By Ies Muller and David Munnelly

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  1. Come With Me To My Land
  2. The Tuesday
    The Blackbird
    Louis Flanagans
  3. De Lastige Eend
    Yvonne’s Two
  4. Lullaby
  5. The Ardara Lassies
    Béla Bartók’s Highland
  6. Kildevil
  7. Detached
  8. Master Molloy
  9. Eliz Iza
  10. Lucy Campbell
    First House In Connaught

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Re: Detached

Ies Muller, flute and David Munnelly, box
2. The Tuesday Barndance (Paul O’Shaughnessy), The Blackbird, Louis Flanagans
3. De Lastige Eend (I. Muller), Yvonne’s Two (D. Munnelly)
4. Lullaby (Rafe Van Hoy and Dan Seals)
6. Kildevil (combined with Taylor Hill)
7. Detached (David Munnelly)
8. Master Molloy (David Munnelly), Macs Jig (David Munnelly)
9. Eliz Iza (Breton air)
Recorded in The Netherlands in December 2018, record label Appel Rekords APR1393, released in 2019