The Lads of Northumbria

By High Level Ranters

  1. Drops Of Brandy
    The Rocky Road To Dublin
  2. The Spey In Spate
    Da Tusca
  3. The College Valley Hunt
  4. Sir John Fenwick’s The Flower Among Them A’
  5. Baby Lie Easy
  6. Dingle Regatta
    Father Kelly’s
  7. The Wedding Of Blyth
    Andrew Carr
  8. The Golden Eagle
    The Sunshine
  9. Johnny Armstrong
    Derwent Water’s Farewell
    Ned Of The Hill
  10. Buy Broom Besoms
  11. The Underhill
    Da Scallowa’ Lassies
    De’il Stick The Minister
  12. Hares On The Mountain
  13. The Trumpet
    Cadum Wood

Two comments

Re: The Lads of Northumbria

This is the High Leveranters’ 1969 LP, which is right after their more fmous recording, “Northumberland Forever.” It’s a mixture of Irish, Northumbrian, Scottish and Shetland tunes. I particularly like their version of “Dingle Regatta” and the two songs “Buy Broom Besoms” and “Hares on the Mountain.”

Re: The Lads of Northumbria

Sorry… High Level Ranters