The Middle Path

By Scartaglen

  1. Gander In The Pratie Hole
    Dever The Dancer
    Toss The Feathers
    Tom Billy’s
  2. Siúil A Rún
  3. Jezaig
  4. John Doolan (Wild Colonial Boy)
    Old John’s
  5. Valencia Harbour
    D.G. Lynch’s
  6. Neily Cleere’s
    As I Went Out Upon The Ice
    Maids Of Ardagh
  7. The Broken Down Squatter
  8. Jolly Journeyman
    Castle Island
    Jack Broke Da Prison Door
    Fletcher’s Delight
  9. Stoneking
    The Vinland
  10. Bonny James Campbell
    Miss Lillian Willams

Two comments

Scartaglen - The Middle Path

1986 album.

On the album (from Irish Tune Info; ):
- Connie Dover (keyboard/vocals)
- Frank Martin (flute/whistle/bones)
- Kirk Lynch (pipes/bouzouki/guitar/whistle/mandolin)
- Roger Landes (cittern/mandolin/guitar/bodhrán)
- Matt Kirby (hammered dulcimer/bodhrán)
- Mike Dugger (guitar/mandolin/banjo/vocals)
- Rebecca Pringle (fiddle)

The full album is on YouTube:

Tune and song times for each track:
- Track 1, start to ~4mins 35s
- Track 2, ~4mins 35s to ~8mins 20s
- Track 3, ~8mins 20s to ~12mins 20s
- Track 4, ~12mins 20s to ~16mins 50s
- Track 5: ~16mins 50s to ~21mins 5s
- Track 6: ~21mins 5s to ~24mins 45s
- Track 7: ~24mins 45s to ~29mins 50s
- Track 8: ~29mins 50s to ~32mins 55s
- Track 9: ~32mins 55s to ~34mins 40s
- Track 10: ~34mins 40s to end

Re: The Middle Path

No. 6 is on site as Neily Cleere’s