Made In Cape Breton

By The Cottars

  1. Suileah Dubh
  2. Captain Campbell
    Calum Breugach
    Wedding Reel #1
    Cuir’s A’Chiste Mhoir Mi (Wedding Reel #3)
    The High Road To Linton
  3. I Know Who Is Sick
  4. The Boy’s Lament Medley
  5. Ballinderry
  6. The Two Brothers Medley
  7. Scarlet Ribbons
  8. Ciaran’s Piano Medley
  9. The Coulin
    Hornpipes Medley
  10. The Briar & The Rose
  11. The Pleasures Of Home Medley
  12. Here’s To Song
  13. Kitchen Racket

Two comments

Just for Turists

I don’t know why some people is so impressed about this recording, maybe because they where so young when they made it.
To me it sounds very beginnerish, not to speak about the cheesy arrangements.
This is a very commercially orientated recording, cute little kids playing “celtic music”. Just for turists.

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