By Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy

  1. Grainne Brady’s
    The Namesake
    Mera’s Delight
  2. Redford Cottage
    Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh
    ’S Toigh Leam Fhin Buntàta ‘S Ìm
  3. Looking Through A Dirty Window
  4. Black Hair’d Lad
    The Glenburnie Rant
    Jamie Shearer’s
  5. The Road To Jurby
    Sunset Squatters
  6. The Proofreader
  7. Carole & Colin’s
  8. Maybelle’s Compliments To Her Brother Cameron
    Lady Baird’s
  9. Dan Sullivan’s
    The Munster Bank
  10. Arrane Y Chlean

Three comments

Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy - Sparks

2019 album.

On the album:
– Rachel Hair (harp)
– Ron Jappy (guitar)
– Adam Brown (bodhrán, tracks: 1, 4, and, 9)
– Scott Wood (whistle, track 8)

Some composer information (from ):
– Grainne Brady’s (Fraser Shaw)
– The Namesake, Mera’s Delight, Sunset Squatters, The Proofreader, Caroie & Colin’s, and, Glenbervie (Rachel Hair)
– Redford Cottage (William Sinclair)
– Looking Through A Dirty Window (Calum Stewart)
– The Road To Jurby (Matt Kelly)
– Maybelle’s Compliments To Her Brother Cameron (Maybelle Chisholm McQueen)

Re: Sparks

ha! Fair play yes, the chords are slightly bonkers on those strathspeys… and there lies the reason I just play melody on them… gotta let Ron have his fun sometime ;) however, ahhhhh how I love the reel in that set 🙂