The Wind Shall Blow Forever More

By The Iron Horse

  1. Givingamp
    The Braes Of Mayen
    MacLeod’s O’Rafferty
  2. Marstein
    In Watercolour
  3. Duncan Gray
  4. Da Grocer
    The Bride’s
    Birlin’ In Brittany
    The Cambridge
  5. The Twa Corbies
  6. Cille Choirill
    Jim’s Prayer
  7. Cara’s Bite
    Jump At The Sun
    Jig Of Life
  8. Helen Of Kirkconnel
  9. Amber & Steel
    Brook’s Bouree
  10. I Love My Bouzouki
    Hungarian Tune
    Bulgarian Red
  11. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  12. The Emigrant
    The West End
    The Clover Field

One comment

The Iron Horse - The Wind Shall Blow Forever More

2004 album.

They are/were:
- Ross Kennedy (vocals/guitar/bouzouki)
- Annie Grace (backing vocals/whistles/pipes)
- Gavin Marwick (fiddles/mandolin)
- Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki/cittern/hurdy gurdy/percussion)
- Stuart Glasgow (keyboards)

Some composition information from All Music ( ):
- Marstein (Annie Grace)
- In Watercolour, Birlin’ in Brittany (Gavin Marwick)
- Da Grocer (Tom Anderson)
- The Bride’s Reel (Ross Kennedy)

There are a few other names listed, though, it’s a bit ambiguous by the labeling which are traditional and which were composed by those musicians.