With Every Breath

By John Wynne

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Stunning work on flute and whistle by Roscommon-born Wynne (now a member of Providence). Check out tracks 4 and 8 in particular where he gives us sets by fellow local-born musicians Josie McDermott and Martin Wynne respectively.

I love this record.

You can’t say fairer than that! It’s superb. Just gave it another listen on the earphones on the way into work this morning. Love his version of George Brabazon and the polka set is great … a nice lazy start before he starts going, inperceptibly, through the gears. Not the nervous accumulation of speed familiar to most session players; more a deliberate ratcheting up of the energy levels.

Gan Ainms identified.

I’ve updated a couple of tune names - third jig on track 9 is indeed “The Spider’s Web”, as identified above by “southsider”, although John Wynne starts with the 2nd part, instead of the first.
The first tune on track 7 is Tim O’Leary’s “The Humours Of Flinn”.

Re: With Every Breath

That’s a welcome re-issue. Well spotted.