Contented Minds

By Cucanandy

Added by Kenny .

  1. Maid On The Shore
  2. The Spey In Spate
    The Porthole In The Kelp
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    The Crosses Of Annagh
  3. The One That Was Lost
    What Would You Do ?
    Denis Murphy’s
  4. Yon Green Valley
    MacArthur Road
  5. Tha Mi Sgith Dhen Fhogair Seo
  6. The Hunter’s Moon
    Breaking Ground
  7. The Hunt For Wild Flora
  8. Helen Of Kirkconnell
  9. 6-8 Du Petit Sarny
    Reel Des Esquimeaux
    Reel Lindbergh
  10. Imelda Roland’s
    Paddy Fahy’s
    Kevin Carey’s
  11. Female Sailor Bold
  12. I’m Waiting For You
    The Lucky Five
    My Love Is Fair And Handsome