Look To The Sea

By The Irish Descendants

  1. Rollin’ Of The Sea
  2. Useta Love Her
  3. Rocky Road To Dublin (song)
  4. Days Of Yore
  5. Dancin’ Dick
    Lough Geil
    Fisherman’s Widow
  6. Peter Street (song)
  7. Go To Sea No More
  8. Last Of The Great Whales
  9. Thousand Tall Ships
    The Scholar
    Miss McCloud’s
  10. Oh No Not I
  11. Lark In The Morning (song)
  12. Fisherman’s Song

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The Irish Descendants - Look To The Sea

1993 album.

On the album:
– Con O’Brien (guitar/vocals)
– D’Arcy Broderick (fiddle/banjo/bouzouki/guitar/vocals)
– Ronnie Power (tin whistle/banjo/bouzouki/guitar/vocals)
– Larry Martin (bass/vocals)
– Mike Billard (drums)
– Tom Leighton (accordion/bodhrán)
– Christina Smith (cello/violin)
– Mary Carol Nugent (viola)

Song and tune composer information (from https://www.discogs.com/The-Irish-Descendants-Look-To-The-Sea/release/13012737 ):
– Rollin’ Of The Sea (Burrows & Handley)
– Useta Love Her (Carton, Moran, Stevens, and, Cunniffe; of The Saw Doctors)
– Days Of Yore, Dancin’ Dick, Thousand Tall Ships, Fisherman’s Song (D’Arcy Broderick)
– Go To Sea No More ( Con O’Brien, D’Arcy Broderick, Ronnie Power, and Larry Martin)
– Last Of The Great Whales (Andy Barnes)