Where I Am

By Brendan Callahan

  1. Jackson’s
    Chris Droney’s
    The Charleston
  2. Magoo’s
    The Pipe On The Hob
  3. The Penny Candle
    The Mullingar Lea
    The Road To Garry
  4. Quack’s
  5. Liz Carroll’s
  6. A Visit To Ireland
    Gan Ainm
    The Blarney Pilgrim
  7. Seamus Martin’s
  8. Fiona’s
    The Wounded Duck
    My Martini
  9. The Blackbird
  10. The Tarbolton
    The Silver Spear
    Jenny’s Chickens

Three comments

Stirring Debut

Brendan Callahan is a fiddler living in Philadelphia, as talented as anyone out there. This 2001 recording really showcases his flair for drama and energy, and is matched by the stellar accompaniment of Philadelphia fixture John Brennan on guitar and Paddy League on bodhran. Not only is Brendan a brilliant fiddler, but also a gifted composer (you can hear his “Flavor of the Month” on Solas’ fourth CD, “The Hour Before Dawn”). His tunes “Magoo’s” and “My Martini” should become session fixtures before too long. This is a private release, but well worth the effort in finding. Email Brendan through this website (“fiddleguru”).

Brendan Callahan

I’ve played with Brendan in sessions many times. Beyond his great tone and attack, what I most admire in his playing is how every repeat is a new varation of the melody. Never with a studied feel, just endless flow-of-conciousness variations. This is clearly evident on this CD. A great guy and a great CD.

For those who were curious, on track 6, the “Gan Ainm” is in fact “The Kilmovee”, a recently posted tune. Brendan listed the tune as “Gan Ainm” so the track listing here is technically accurate.