The Night Before

By The Night Before

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The Night Before: Self-Titled Album

2017 album.

Their website:

Available on Bandcamp:

They are:
- Nicky McConkey (fiddle)
- Alan Brunier (accordion)
- Adam Griffin (guitar)

Tune composer information:
- Catharsis (Amy Cann)
- MacArthur Road, Calliope House (Dave Richardson)
- Balls To Hall (Joe Scurfield)
- Donegal Lasses (Brian Finnegan)
- The Zakynthos (Roger Wilson)
- A Lover’s Plea, Alta Sierra Waltz, Four Potatoes (Larry Unger)
- The Wild One (Mer Pantaleoni Boel)
- Paddy On The Landfill (Rob Hayes)
- Farewell To Tchernobyl (Michael Ferry)
- Forest Wedding (Todd Silverstein)
- Maison de Glace (Rejean Brunet)