The Grinding Stone

By Jeremiah Mclane

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  1. Honey In The Woodpile
    The Grinding Stone
  2. Tarantella
    The Jecko
  3. Trip To Broadford
    Flying Home
  4. Bell Tower
  5. Winter Snow
    Never Go Astray
    Lion’s Mane
  6. Lilac
  7. Holland
    Chez Michel
  8. Petit Somme
    The Centaur
  9. Camellia
  10. Hay Rope
  11. Swallows
    Grey Jay
  12. The Crease In The Clouds

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Re: The Grinding Stone

Jeremiah McLane- accordion and piano
Owen Marshall- bouzouki and guitar
Corey DiMario- bass
Anna Patton- clarinet

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